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Signet Ring stainless Steel Napoleon III 20 Frs Round Hollow


Signet Ring NAPOLEON III Coin 20 Francs Tête Laurée Plated Steel Gold Round Hollow LOUIS

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Signet ring for man of steel GOLD plated* (2 microns), reproduced with finesse and accuracy of a piece of 20 Francs GOLD NAPOLEON III Tête Laurée.

You have always dreamed of this gem, inaccessible and typical that can be found traditionally, and only in solid 18 carat gold ? Louis gold...
We have done it for you at a price dramatically and in direct manufacturing !

This version is hollow on the inside for those who do not like jewelry too heavy.
Inside you can see the reverse side of the coin.... EMPIRE FRANCAIS - 20 FR - 1868 (like the original one !).

This signet ring is made of stainless steel 316L. This ring is sold exclusively by BOBIJOO Jewelry.
Do not look elsewhere, you won't find...

Collector, amateur big gold ring and impressive, vintage, traveller, gypsy, fairground, gypsy, gypsy, ...

Diameter : 24 mm
Weight : 16 grams (can vary 1 or 2 grams depending on the size)

Stainless steel of high quality, meets european standards
Laboratory Tests available on request

*GOLD-plated ? Yes and no, in France is well regulated it is for this reason that we prefer to say "gold" !
The term "gold-Plated" requires a poinçoin manufacturer and a gold layer of 3 microns.
At us it is 2 microns (therefore we do not need to affix a poinçoin which has no value as a piece of jewelry "gold Plated" is not a part of the precious metals).
Our advantage : Our jewelry are made of steel unlike the traditional jewelry "gold plated" which are made of brass or other metal alloy low-end...

That means the registration AFRBB ?
It is an acronym, and a distinctive engraved on the inside of the molds of our jewelry, these letters correspond to our intiales :
Was as Angelic
F as in Frank
R as the Romanesque
B as Baptist
B as in Biscuit
This logo is a quality assurance for you and an indelible imprint on our creations.