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24,17 €

Corset Dressed ROMANCE Waist Cincher Black Whale Steel Spiral Gift Woman

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Greenhouse size Romanesque!

The novel heroines have always made you dream? So today, it is you who will shine the eyes with your look of beautiful lady! With the Romance greenhouse, you affirm your femininity and chivalrous temperament. His motives give him a romantic side.
On your dress or blouse, the greenhouse size will make all the difference! It will make you a wasp waist and give you a particularly elegant silhouette. You can put it for a formal party or for any occasion where you want to reveal your seductive assets.
The size Romance greenhouse offers a high quality garment: cotton lining, steel ribs, back cover with real lace and closure at the front with hooks. Atypical and timeless.

A greenhouse size for a heroine

The most of the corset dressed by ANGELYK:
Steel spiral ribs, cotton lining
Back cover, true lace, quality and finish
Available from size 34 to size 52
Design in France