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Corset LOVE


Corset Dressed Model LOVE Black White Heart Lace Whale Steel Spiral Top

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Strapless woman 100% seduction

Trust him to put all your assets in value and adopt it with his eyes closed for a romantic evening, a candlelit dinner or surprise your darling on Valentine's Day ... Our bustier Love is your partner seduction and ... temptation!
Nothing too much, nothing provocative, it is so refined and elegant that your lover will be literally bewitched, without even realizing it ...
For a "big lady" effect, wear it with a long, slightly puffy skirt. For a more naughty, associate with a tulle skirt, yes even burlesque, why not? !! If you go out to the restaurant or disco, you can match it with leather pants for a rock'n roll style or with red, pink or electric blue jeans for the fun side!
The Love bustier offers you a very good quality of clothing: cotton lining, steel whales, back cover with real lace and closure at the front with discreet hooks.

A bustier named love

The most of the corset dressed by ANGELYK:
Steel spiral ribs, cotton lining
Back cover, true lace, quality and finish
Available from size 34 to size 52
Design in France