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CITY corset

24,17 €

CITY Women's Black Dressed Corset Classic Whale Spiral Steel Evening Bustier

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Beautiful and mischievous corset

It suits all styles and looks. On all occasions, you can wear the City corset. Want a casual outfit? Pair it with a light skirt or jeans. Do you prefer a bohemian look? Put on with an asymmetrical and colorful long skirt. You go out tonight ? Put on tight pants or a miniskirt. The evening is chic? A straight skirt or black pants will be ideal.

The City corset is the chameleon corset for example. It adapts to all situations to give you an ultra feminine look. It is an atypical clothing timeless, designed to refine your size, whatever your morphology. In summary, it is made for all women!

This steel whale corset offers a cotton lining, a back cover with real lace and a closure at the front with hooks. Its finish is of a high quality.

For all women

The most of the corset dressed by ANGELYK:
Steel spiral ribs, cotton lining
Back cover, true lace, quality and finish
Available from size 34 to size 52
Design in France