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Terms and Conditions


The present General Sales Conditions apply to every order made by a consumer in accordance to European Directive 2011/83/UE of October 25, 2011, relating to products offer for sale on the site www.BOBIJOO.fr (hereinafter “the Site”) by:

The society ANGELYK (hereinafter “BOBIJOO”),

Limited Liability Company with share capital of 10 000€,

Whose headquarters are located ZAE Emile Carles 1 impasse de Bel Air, 34230 Saint-Pargoire - France - France,

Registered with the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés of Montpellier under the number 799 983 978,

ANGELYK is the publisher of the site (publication director: Angélique Biscuit, Manageress).

The site www.BOBIJOO.fr is hosted by the society O2switch – 222 Boulevard Gustave Flaubert, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE, R.C.S. 510 909 807 – o2switch.fr

Article 1: Objet

On the site, BOBIJOO offers for sale costume jewelry and accessories (hereinafter “the Products”), as well as additional services for these products, to internet users browsing on the site (hereinafter named “Customers”).

The Customer is defined as a major natural person, or a person having at least the legal capacity to contract and who acts for purposes which are outsides his trade, business, profession or freelance activity.

For the purpose of the application of this document, it is agreed that the Customer and BOBIJOO will be collectively named “the Parties” and individually named “the Party”.

Every order of a Product made on the Site is subjected to the present General Sales Conditions.

BOBIJOO reserves the right to modify at any moment the present General Sales Conditions by posting a new version on the Site. The General Sales Conditions feasible are the ones in effect on the date on which the order was made.

The present General Sales Conditions seek to define the rights and obligations of the Parties following the online sale of Products offers on the Site.

They supervise the necessary steps for the execution of the order between the Parties.

Article 2: Products and Availability

The Products are defined as the goods distributed by BOBIJOO on the Site.

The Products offered on the Site are described and presented with the greatest accuracy possible.

The offers of the Products are subject to availability.

BOBIJOO will do its best to update its stocks and, in case of unavailability of a Product, to remove it from the Site. When a size of a Product is not available, the check box in the Product page will not be available for choosing.

BOBIJOO reserves in any case the right to remove, at any moment, every Product on the Site and/or to replace, adjust or modify every contents or information relevant to the Product featured on the Site.

The Products remain the property of BOBIJOO until the complete payment of the price.

Article 3: Price

The prices of the Products are indicated in euros including taxes without the participation of handling and delivering fees. The bill for the order will be available in your Customer Area, in the order history.

In the case of an order to a country other than the metropolitan France, you are the importer of the Product(s) involved.

Regarding every Product shipped outside European Union and the DOM-TOM (French overseas departments and territories), the price will be automatically calculated without taxes on the bill. Custom duties and other local taxes, importation rights or state fees may be due. These rights and sums are not the responsibility of BOBIJOO. They will be at your charge and are under your full responsibility, in terms of declarations as well as in terms of payment to the relevant authorities and organisms in your country. We advise you inquire about these aspects with your local authorities.

BOBIJOO reserves the right to modify its prices at any moment, but the Products will be billed on the basis of the prices in effect when your order was confirmed.

Article 4: Order

Products availability is displayed on the Site in each product page.

In the hypothesis that a Product or a service would become fully or partially unavailable after your order because of a quality defect, because it is out of stock…, BOBIJOO will inform you by email about this unavailability and will give you a possibility:

Either, if you accept it, get a credit note for the product(s) unavailable in the package; you can nevertheless claim a refund of this credit note within 30 days,

Or be refunded the price of the product or service you ordered, by a simple request by email at: contact@BOBIJOO.fr.

Every order made on the Site requires the creation of a Customer Account. The access to your Customer Account is conditioned by your authentication using the email address and the secret, personal and confidential password that you chose while creating your account.
Do not communicate the user ID of your Customer Account to third-parties. BOBIJOO will not be responsible of any action made using or on your Customer Account by a third-party to whom you have communicated your user ID, or who had access to your user ID or to your Customer Account after a mistake or negligence attributable to you.
During the placing of your order, you have to confirm it by the “double-click” method: in other words, after having selected Products added to your cart, you have to check and potentially correct the content of your cart (such as: designation and quantity of the selected Products, corresponding prices, conditions and delivery fees) before confirming the order and accepting these General Sales Condition by clicking “Checkout”, as displayed on the “Delivery Method” page, and thus confirming the acceptance of your order.

You declare that you have read and accepted these General Sales Conditions before the placing of your order. By validating your order, you accept these General Sales Conditions.

After the placing of your order, BOBIJOO will confirm that it was received by sending you a first e-mail confirmation of your order including the recap of your order as well as its number. Then BOBIJOO will validate your order definitely by sending you a second e-mail confirmation of your order.

BOBIJOO reserves the right not to validate your order for any legitimate reason, especially in the case where:

  • It is not in accordance with these General Sales Conditions,
  • One of your previous orders was not fully paid by the deadline,
  • A dispute regarding one of your previous orders is still being processed,
  • Fraud is suspected because of several serious and matching elements,
  • Proofs can legally be requested in order to validate a large order. That means sending us an e-mail at: contact@BOBIJOO.fr with a scanned copy of your ID card + a bill where the delivery address is displayed.

These e-mails are sent to the e-mail address that you use to log in your Customer Account.

Note that if you don’t receive one of the two aforesaid e-mails, we suggest you to contact our Customer Service.

Article 5: Payment

BOBIJOO offers you to choose between 3 payment methods to pay your order:

  • Payment by credit card (Sogecommerce - Société Générale)

For maximum security, we chose to use Sogecommerce as a secure payment solution. This system is developed by Société Générale. The security is provided via a technology of encryption TLS (Transport Layer Security), the latest generation solution, which is currently the most reliable available for payments on the internet. Visa, Visa Electron, E-credit card, Mastercard and Maestro credit cards are accepted as well as payment by the Paylib system.

Sogecommerce, Société Générale's secure payment solution, is PCI DSS certified (Payment Industry Data Security Standard). The PCI DSS standard is adopted by the Mastercard and Visa networks to enhance the security of cardholder data usage and storage. It's a global standard also supported by other networks like American Express JCB and Diners.

3D Secure Protocol: Customer identification.
To greatly reduce Internet fraud, increase confidence in card payments and reinforce the dynamics of e-commerce, French banks have agreed to adopt a new regulation on credit card payments on the internet. This regulation is based on the "3D Secure" protocol developed by the two international networks of cards, Visa and Mastercard (name Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure code).

This protocol has been implemented on the Sogecommerce payment platform for several years. As part of this protocol, it is now up to the customer's bank to check the identity of the holder of this card when he settles on the secure payment platform Sogecommerce. This control is carried out by the customer's bank, directly on the internet, with a method of its own (secret code, personal and confidential information, smart reading box, ...).

  • Payment using PayPal (a PayPal account is optional)

The secured payment with "PayPal Integral Evolution" gives you 2 possibilities:

1- If you have a PayPal account, you just have to log in easily and securely when paying.

2- If you don’t have a PayPal account, you will be able to pay your order directly with your usual payment card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover…).

  • Bank Transfer Payment

By choosing the bank transfer method, all the information will be provided to you automatically.

The order will be shipped as soon as the transfer was made on our bank account:
IBAN: FR7630003005970002700029256
Your order will be processed as soon as the payment is received.
You have 15 days to make the transfer payment to our account indicated hereinbefore. Beyond this period, your order will be automatically canceled.

An e-mail will be sent to you as soon as your payment is received into our bank account.

Article 6: Delivery

The Internet user has the ability to decide freely between home delivery, delivery to your place of work or to any other address of his or her choice stipulated during the making of the order (your delivery address).

The order will be forwarded to the French Post services (La Poste) within24 hours(working days), except case of force majeure that would delay the time by which it would be drop-off.

Keep in mind that every order made after Friday, 1:00 p.m. (Paris time) will be sent only starting from the following Monday. If a delay is likely to occur during the delivery, BOBIJOO commits to warn the Internet user as soon as possible. In case of an extended delay, the Internet user is encouraged to warn the BOBIJOO Customer Service using the phone number indicated in the e-mail confirmation of your order. BOBIJOO will then contact the postal services in order to launch an inquiry, bearing in mind that a postal inquiry can be long.

Delivery Time & Forwarding Charges

  • All around the world and French Overseas Territories (located outside the European continent):

Total order amount (including taxes)

from 0 €
to 19.99 €

from 20 to 48.99 €

from 49 to 89.99 €

starting from 90 €

Forwarding charges (not including exceptions and voluminous Products)

1.90 €

3.90 €



Shipping method

Secure delivery without tracking

Secure delivery with tracking

Secure delivery with tracking

Secure delivery with tracking & registered

Tracking option

+2.00 €




Average Delivery Time

Between 3 and 6 working days

Between 3 and 6 working days

Between 3 and 6 working days

Between 3 and 6 working days

  • Metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco:

Total order amount (including taxes)

from 0 € to 59.99 €

starting from 60 €

Forwarding charges (not including exceptions and voluminous Products)



Shipping method

Secure delivery with tracking

Secure delivery with tracking & registered

Average Delivery Time

Between 2 and 3 working days

Between 2 and 3 working days

Once your goods have been sent, we cannot cancel the delivery process, but you can return every product that you don’t want to keep. Please refer to the following Article (Article 7) of these General Sales Conditions.

Article 7: Right of Withdrawal: 30 Days “Satisfied or Money-back” Guarantee

Besides the legal 14-days withdrawal period, BOBIJOO also offers to the customer a money-back guarantee lasting the 16 following days.

Every delivered Product can be refunded, except the ones excluded by the law in the article L 121-21-8 of the Consumer Code (“Code de la Consommation”) regarding this subject. For example, Products which were customized based on the request of the User (engraving), as well as Products which can’t be returned for hygienic reasons (piercing and so on).

Products must be in good condition, complete, packaged in their original package. Starting from the moment the last package of his or her order was received, the User has 15 days to notify his or her withdrawal decision at : contact@BOBIJOO.fr

In order to exercise his or her right of withdrawal, the User can use the standard withdrawal form that he or she can download by clicking here, or can make a claim without ambiguity, indicating his or her wish to return the Product to us.

In order to exercise his or her right of withdrawal, the User can use the standard withdrawal form that he or she can download by clicking here, or can make a claim without ambiguity, indicating his or her wish to return the Product to us.

Even if the User didn’t inform of his or her decision, ANGELYK still agrees to take back the Product if it is returned within 30 days from the delivery date.

During this period, the User will be able to return the Products without any justification, nor paying a penalty.

The User can return his or her Product using the post services to this address: ANGELYK – SAV – ZAE Emile Carles, 1 impasse de Bel Air 34230 SAINT-PARGOIRE, FRANCE. Return shipping costs using La Poste are at the expense of the User (except from a Product defective when received, or an error during the shipping of the Product).

BOBIJOO commits to refund the sums to the User who exercised his or her right of withdrawal as soon as possible and at the latest 14 days after the reception of the proof of the shipping of the returned Product, or after the reception of the Product by BOBIJOO (the first of these two dates will be chosen). The proofs of the shipping that must be sent to us are: the stamped and dated receipts of the post service, the submission of a tracked parcel.

BOBIJOO will refund the returned Products to the Customer subject to the respect of the conditions mentioned hereinabove, as well as the standard one-way delivery forwarding charges for the Products if the User returns the integrality of his or her order.

If the User doesn’t return the integrality of his or her order and keeps one or several ordered Products, the amount of the one-way delivery forwarding charges will be kept by BOBIJOO.

Please remember that the returns using La Poste stay at the expense of the User.

The repayment will be done using the payment method of the returned order.

Article 8: Intellectual Property

All texts, comments, illustrations, images and photos offered on this site are published by BOBIJOO or its partners and remain their respective property.

As such and in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property, any use, total or partial reproduction or public dissemination of such information and documents is strictly prohibited, without the prior permission of BOBIJOO.

Conversely, BOBIJOO respects the intellectual property of others. If you believe that your work has been copied in a manner that constitutes a copyright infringement, that your jewel, accessory or trademark has been used without permission, or that your intellectual property rights have been infringed, please please contact BOBIJOO with the following information:

The description of the work protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property that you claim to have been infringed
Your address, phone number and email address
The link of the ad concerned
For smart people who would like to reproduce our creations without our authorization know that the brand "BOBIJOO Jewelry" is a registered trademark and registered at the INPI.

All our creations are also protected and our molds have been made exclusively for us and under contract with our partners.

You are therefore warned! :)

Article 9: Personal Data

The Data Protection Act defines the principles to be respected when collecting, processing and storing personal data. It also guarantees a certain number of rights for the persons concerned. The respect of these principles allows you to carry out your steps.

Before any collection and use of personal data, the data controller must precisely announce to the people concerned what they will serve him. These objectives, called "goals", must respect the rights and freedoms of individuals. They limit how the manager can use or reuse this data in the future

> Learn more


Only the data strictly necessary for achieving the objective can be collected: this is the principle of minimizing the collection. The controller should not collect more data than he really needs. He must also pay attention to the sensitive nature of certain data.

> Learn more


Once the goal of data collection is achieved, there is no longer a need to keep them and they need to be removed. This storage period must be defined in advance by the controller, taking into account any obligations to retain certain data.

> Learn more


Data concerning individuals can be collected on the essential condition that they have been informed of this operation. These persons also have certain rights that they can exercise with the organization that holds these data concerning them: a right to access these data, a right to rectify them and finally a right to oppose their use.

> Learn more


The data controller must take all necessary measures to ensure the security of the data he has collected but also their confidentiality, that is to say to ensure that only authorized persons can access it. These measures can be determined according to the risks weighing on this file (sensitivity of the data, objective of the treatment ...)

> Learn more

Article 10: Responsibility

For all stages of access to the Site, of consultation, of form filling, of the placing of the order, of the shipping of the goods or any other service, BOBIJOO is only subjected to a best endeavors obligation.

In this respect, BOBIJOO commits to describe the Products sold on the Site with the greatest accuracy. However, the responsibility of BOBIJOO cannot be engaged in the case where the non-compliance of these obligations would be due to an unpredictable and insurmountable fact of a third-party normally not involved in the contract, or in case of force majeure as defined by the usual French jurisprudence.

In the same way, the responsibility of BOBIJOO cannot be engaged for every inconvenience or damage inherent to the use of the Internet network, namely a service interruption, an outside intrusion or viruses.

BOBIJOO reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order coming from a costumer who didn’t fully or partially paid a previous order, or with whom a payment dispute is still being processed.

BOBIJOO controls every order validated on its site. These controls aim to protect BOBIJOO from abusive practices operated by fraudsters. Our services may have to ask you every piece necessary for the unblocking of your order: proof of address or proof of debit with your name, or a proof of address with the name of the person indicated for the delivery address, and so on.

Article 11: Applicable Law – Competent Jurisdiction

The Contract is governed by the French law (except for the rules applicable in matter of conflict of laws).

In case of dispute, an amicable settlement is preferred. To that purpose, our Customer Service is at your disposal.

If the dispute is not solved, only the French courts are competent.

Article 12: Ultimate Disposition

In the case where some of these dispositions cannot be executed for whatever reason, the validity of the other dispositions would not be affected.