Croix de Lorraine

Fashion jewelry designer in Stainless Steel

Inspired by its customers, the SAS ANGELYK and its registered brand "BOBIJOO Jewelry" creates unique and atypical stainless steel jewelry.
-Original creations
-A French brand (jewelry designer)
-Affordable prices
-Fashion jewelry but not only...
When we say fashion jewelry we often think of cheap jewelry that is not worth much.
Some people even say that fashion jewelry is disposable jewelry!
TRUE when you buy your fashion jewelry on websites that specialize in all kinds of "Chinese trinkets".
Some even advertise on TV... let's give you a hint, the most famous ones start with aliexp... or Wis... ;)
NO, with us you will indeed find fashion jewelry but 98% of our jewelry is made of 316 stainless steel!
We use the best steel for durable and strong jewelry.

Our fashion jewelry complies with European standards:

Indeed, they do not contain lead or cadmium and have a nickel release that complies with European regulations.
All steel jewelry contains nickel, but we respect the standards and conduct independent tests to prove it.
It's good for your health and better for us if we want to continue doing this job, customs are watching and that's a good thing.

Our steel jewelry does not tarnish on the skin:

We are often asked this question but we assure you, our jewelry will not tarnish on your skin.
We know about these jewelry pieces that turn your fingers green... they are often made of brass, copper, zinc and other low-grade alloys...
With Bobijoo, you are assured of quality fashion jewelry.

Our stainless steel jewelry does not rust:

Thanks to their composition and in particular the chrome they contain, our jewelry is rustproof, which means they will not rust!
Our 316L stainless steel is also hypoallergenic, meaning they do not cause allergic reactions. That's why you can buy our jewelry with confidence.

Our fashion jewelry is strong and durable:

They withstand shocks, detergents, showers, baths, swimming (pool or sea), and time.
In addition, our steel jewelry requires no special maintenance compared to some precious metals. For example, 925 silver jewelry tarnishes over time and solid gold jewelry can deform when they are not thick enough. With steel, you won't have any problems.

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